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If you're in the market for a great pair of shoes be sure to check out Most people who know shoes have already heard of Teva but in case you haven't here's the run down. Teva invented the first sport sandal in 1984 and has been a pioneer in the active footwear industry ever since. Their products are made for people with active lifestyles who want a shoe that will get the job done.

Teva makes something for just about everybody, including penguins, but more on that later. They have footwear for men, women, and children and make boots, sandals, shoes, and flip flops as well. So whether your style is surfer, hiker, biker, skater, or runner they've got you covered.

Teva's footwear is also great for people who need arch support. We were in the market for a sandal that had arch support because our cheapo flip flops just weren't cutting it. We went to the doctor because our paws were getting sore and our doctor recommend Teva as a sandal to keep our paws feeling good.

If you're the type of shopper like us that prefers to give your money to a company that likes to give back to the community then Teva is perfect for you. Now days with so many stores to choose from either online or offline it takes a little more to get us to decide where to spend our money. Given the choice between two brands that we like we'd rather give our money to a store that donates to a cause or gives back to their community so we feel like we can make a difference as well.

Spend some time on Teva's site and you'll see they not only care about their local community but their global community as well. Since Teva was founded in 1984 they've had a passion for playing in water and protecting it. In 2011 they took their efforts to a whole new level with their “A Pair for a Foot” program. With this program Teva will protect a foot of waterways for every shoe they sell.

In order to do their part to protect our planet's most valuable resource Teva donates their time, equipment, and money to achieve their ambitious goals. And boy are their goals ambitious. In 2012 Teva is working with the Surfrider Foundation and the Ocean Conservancy among other to achieve their goal of protecting 4.4 million feet of waterways around the world.

If you can appreciate their efforts to help our global community then you'll love the story about Lucky the Penguin. Teva who is a sponsor of the Santa Barbara zoo was called in to help Lucky whose leg wasn't developing normally since his birth. Due to his disability he would have surely died if Teva hadn't developed a boot to help the little guy out. Take a loot at the video below of one of the cutest little guys you've ever seen and how he's doing just fine thanks to Teva.

So if you're looking for a great pair of shoes or just something comfortable to go on your feet check out and you can feel good because you're shopping at a company that's doing it's part to make a difference. Oh and did we mention they offer free ground shipping on all orders within the contiguous United States?! Whether you have a pair of Teva's or you're just trying them out for the first time leave your Teva reviews below so our readers can learn about your experience. Or just tell us how cute you think Lucky is!

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