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Limitless Designs is an unlimited graphic design service that only costs a flat, monthly fee.

What we love about Limitless Designs

We love the idea of just paying a flat, monthly fee for graphic design. If we send them a design request every single day of the month, we never pay a penny more.

Also, we love how fast their service. On average, about 90% of the design requests we sent to them were completed in the same day, while most of them were completed in less than 4 hours!

Price and speed aside, we really love the fact that their service is so darn easy to use.

Whenever we need a graphic design we just send them an email and a few hours later they send us a completed design! No, creating a task for an in-house designer and bothering them to see if it's done. Just send an email and then the completed design is in our inbox.

Benefit 1: Limitless Designs saves you money

Their unlimited design service is just $179/month, which comes out to less than $6/day! This is way less than the cost of having your own in-house graphic designer on staff, which could be thousands of dollars per month and in some cases it's even more affordable than the hourly rate of a freelance designer.

Fortunately for you, we convinced them to give us a coupon code specifically for ReviewTiger readers! All you have to do is visit the Limitless Designs website and use coupon code “reviewtiger” to receive $20.00 off of their Unlimited Design package. 

That's unlimited graphic design for just $149/month for life!

Benefit 2: Limitless Designs saves you time

We found the process for requesting graphic designs through them to be a really big time-saver for us. In the past, if we used a service like Fiverr, we had to go through the process of submitting our branding details, uploading our logo, and creating a design brief. This was an hour long process sometimes!

With Limitless Designs, we got a dedicated designer who learned our design preferences over time. We didn't have to tell them what colors we use for brand each time because they already had that information saved.

On top of that there's no check out process that we have to go through each time we want a design. We pay one fee and our credit card is charged every month, what a time saver!

Benefit 3: Limitless Designs gives you professional appearance

If you've ever hired someone to do graphic design before you know how hit and miss it can be. Half the time the design isn't what you expected and you either need to spend more time explaining to the designer how to edit the design or you have to pay someone else to do it all over again.

With Limitless designs you can tell they really take pride in the design work they do. The quality is something we would expect if we had a graphic designer sitting next to us and we were giving them instructions throughout the entire process.

We assume that they reason why their designs are so well done is because we've always worked with the same designer and he has learned our design preferences over time.

Our personal takeaways

Limitless designs is a great service at an affordable price. Since we've started using them to help with all the graphic design requests that we would normally do ourselves each time we publish a review here it's cut our time in half!

Before we had to create logos and graphics for every social media channel, keeping track of it all was a nightmare! Now we just send a email to their team and it's one less thing we have to worry about.

Who would we recommend Limitless Designs to?

We recommend this service to anyone who does social media marketing or publishes posts regularly. The time savings from having them create social media graphics and blog post graphics has been tremendous.

We'd also recommend their service for busy entrepreneurs who just don't have the time to manage all of the aspects of their business.

Do you want to save time and money by outsourcing your graphic design? Visit the Limitless Designs website to sign up today and use coupon code “reviewtiger” to save $20/month for life!

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    Really, love their service so far. Been using it for a month and it’s already something I can’t live without!

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