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If you have your own website you know how important it is to have a reliable web host. What's equally important is to have fast hosting. Fortunately if you're website is built using WordPress (which most are now days) then WP Engine is both fast and reliable. We've never recommended a hosting service before because we've never found one that we thought was good at an affordable price. The following are just a few reasons why we think you should switch your hosting company to or host your next website with WP Engine.

When it comes to hosting support should be a big factor in your decision. You want to look for a hosting company that is responsive. Fortunately getting in touch with WP Engine is easy! If there's something that you absolutely need to talk to them about just give them a call – their phone number is posted directly on their website. If it's not urgent fill out the contact form on their website and they'll get in touch with you. If you're the self service type then check out the great support section of their website which has answers to almost any question you can imagine. While you're there take a look at all of the testimonials from their happy customers who can't sing their praise enough.

Their entire staff is consisted of WordPress experts so you can feel comfortable knowing that they know their stuff. They even guarantee that they'll do everything they can to ensure that your site won't get hacked. Now you're probably saying to yourself “there's no way that they can guarantee that it won't get hacked” and for that reason if it does get hacked they will fix it at no cost to you. What a guarantee! Exactly the kind of peace of mind that you need when your business can't afford to be offline.

We mentioned earlier how critical speed is when it comes to your website. Because WP Engine is specifically configured to how WordPress sites your site will load so fast that you never need to mess with caching plug in which can cause unwanted side effects. WP Engine's Evercache technology includes a fully manage CDN (Content Delivery Network) service so that your website loads fast for anyone no matter where they are in the world in relation to WP Engine's servers. They claim to have 15 millisecond page load times…how's that for fast?

So if you're wondering what a great hosting service like this costs don't be surprised when we tell you how affordable it is. Plans start at only $29/month for 1 website and get much less expensive on a per website basis the more websites you have hosted with them. Plus if you just want to try them out first to get an idea of how great they are they offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Try them out for 60 days and if for whatever reason you aren't happy with their service they'll give you your money back. Should you love them (which we think you will) we recommend pre-paying for an annual subscription because if you do they'll give you 2 months for free for even more cost savings.

So if you need a great website hosting company we can't recommend WP Engine enough. Head on over and give them a try for 60 days and let us know what you think by leaving your WP Engine reviews below. If they're not the best WordPress hosting service you've ever used then we'll eat our tail!

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    I received the rudest service from WP Engine when I reached out to them via twitter. Honestly, I would never host my website with them, even if it was free.

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