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Do you need an easier way to manage customer service for your online business? We did too and then when we found we didn't need to look anymore. has been the single best thing  that we've implemented to help our business grow. So what is and why should I use it for my customer service? was formerly named Assistly until they were bought by Salesforce and then changed their name. We've used to manage a software as a service website of ours as well as a ecommerce site we own. Before we implemented into our ecommerce site managing customer orders was a nightmare. We managed all inquiries and orders through gmail which made keeping track of conversations really tough to say the least.

Getting up and running with was easy too. We signed up for a free account just to try them out while we were trying out another customer service software. The other software which shall remain nameless offered something like 30 days for free while is free for life for the first user but we figured if the other software was better then we wouldn't mind paying for it. Literally after the first day we had already decided on and the fact that it was free was just icing on the cake.

If you just want to use to manage support emails it's great for that because you can see the history of all your customer interactions in one place and you can create notes for yourself within the customer correspondence so you can refer to it again in the future. What we really loved though is the ability to keep all of your customer's information in one place. When you or your customer initiates a conversation a profile for them automatically gets created and you can add virtually anything to their profile that you like such as address, phone number, twitter account, interests, etc. This is especially great if you're managing an ecommerce site because it allows you to build a relationship with your customer really easily.

If you have an online business that warrants creating a support site then is great for that as well. You can easily create a support site with your own custom url such as “” and direct all of your customers there for questions etc. We use the support site to create tutorials to direct our customers to when they have questions so it really reduces the time we have to spend supporting our customers so we can focus on other things. The coolest thing about the support site is you can customize it to match your website's branding which will give you a more professional appearance and should hopefully create trust in your customer's eyes.

So what about their customer service? As you would imagine if they offer customer service software they better offer great customer service and they do. Their support site is packed with tutorials and questions and answers from other customers and support agents. When we were first starting out with we had a few questions because they have so many features we had no idea where to begin so we posted our questions in their support site and got responses from them really fast! Great service considering we only use their free account.

So we have nothing but good things to say about and will tell anyone we meet who is looking for customer service software that they have to use them for their business as well. If you'd like to give them a try sign up for a free account and leave your reviews below for our other readers who haven't taken the plunge yet!

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    This sounds like a great service to have for my start-up as well. Going to go check it out right now.

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