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Do you do freelance work? Do you sell your own products or services? Do you have a sales team? If you've answered yes to any of these questions then you probably have some experience creating proposals and you know how much of a headache it can be. Imagine if you could free yourself from creating proposals so you have more time to focus on your business. Thanks to an awesome tool called Bidsketch now you can.

Bidsketch takes the pain and time consuming busy work out of proposal generation. It's so good in fact that people who use Bidsketch for creating proposals have earned over $195 million for their business. So why's it so good? Creating proposals for potential clients can be time consuming because of all of the editing and formatting you have to do to make it seem custom to the client. With Bidsketch you have the ability to create sections and templates. So for example you can have sections that you use often like an executive summary or a “Goals and Objectives” section. Create a few sections that you use often then add them to a template. Templates can be made based on the type of client or proposal you're making. So for example you can have a template for marketing clients or web design clients and each template can have different sections associated with it.

Have you made the mistake of re-using a proposal but forgot to take out your previous clients name? Hopefully you're thorough enough to catch this mistake but if you haven't it can look really unprofessional. Fortunately with Bidsketch, you don't ever have to worry about this again. Every proposal that you make in Bidsketch will dynamically insert your company's name or your client's name into the proposal. This allows you to just set up the client's name once and Bidsketch will automatically insert it into the appropriate place all throughout the proposal.

Does your company have multiple employees who all collaborate on one proposal? With multiple employees all editing the same proposal it can be hard to keep track of who made what changes and who has the most current version of the document. This can lead to the wrong proposal being sent to the client and a potentially embarassing mistake if you need to ask the client to sign another version a second time. With Bidsketch you'll never have that problem again. You can create user accounts for each of your employees and they can each work on the same proposal which lives within your Bidsketch account. This means no more sharing documents and no mistakes!

Our favorite feature is the ability to create a custom domain that your clients can go to to review and sign their proposal. For example you can create a domain called “” which your clients can use to access their proposal. This gives a professional appearance which most importantly matches your brand and will impress your clients because they will think your company is more technically savvy than another competitor who sends their proposal via a PDF file attached to an email. This brings us to the next feature we love, electronic signatures. Clients have the ability to sign the proposal online which is fast and convenient for them and is stored electronically for you so you have less files and paperwork to mess with.

There's a ton of other cool things that we love about Bidsketch like analytics and storage options which help make your life easier but instead of taking our word for it why don't you head over to Bidsketch and sign up for for their 14 day free trial. Once you've given them a try come back and leave your Bidsketch reviews below so our readers can benefit from your experience. 

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    Not sure why I would pay for Bidsketch when there are better free alternatives like Bitrix24 or any of its clones that have free invoices, quotes, CRM, projects, planning and client mangement

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