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If you've ever hosted an online meeting or used webinar software before then you know what a pain in the tail it can be. That's why we were happier than a tiger in a river when we discovered We stumbled upon MeetingBurner and immediately signed up for one of their free accounts which was easier to use and had more features than the paid account we had with WebEx. Needless to say we canceled our account with WebEx the same day.

One of the things that we noticed right off the bat was how easy it is to use. You can tell they really put a lot of thought into the user interface because it's super easy to figure out how to host a meeting even if it's your first time using their software. It's easy for your meeting's attendees to connect as well. One of the problems that we had with WebEx is when we would send invites to our attendees they would have a hard time figuring out how to connect, especially if they've never used webinar software before. With MeetingBurner it's never been a problem for our attendees to connect to our webinars and now all of our webinars start on time because we don't have to wait for anyone to figure out how to connect.

One of their coolest features is the ability to charge for your webinars. If you would love the ability to charge for your webinar's content then MeetingBurner is perfect for you. Their Premier Plan gives you the ability to integrate PayPal right into the registration screen your attendees use to login. I can see how this feature would be great for consultants or speakers who have a big fan base.

Their Premier Plan also gives you the ability to record meetings use their Autopilot feature which allows you to schedule a recorded webinar for a future date. This is great if not all of your attendees can make it to your original webinar. Just tell them to login at whatever future date and time you specify and they can view the recording of the original webinar. No more having to correspond with each attendee individually, just let all of your attendees know that if they can't make it to the original webinar they can view it again at a future date. If there's one thing we love it's automation and it doesn't get more automated than this.

Another feature we love is the ability to easily share your webinars. Once you schedule a webinar you can easily send the invite link to to your twitter followers, facebook fans, or email contact list with the click of a button. It's amazing to us that no other webinar software has thought of this before MeetingBurner came along. Wanna easily upload your recorded webinars to YouTube? MeetingBurner has you covered there as well. With their Pro or Premier plans you can record your webinars and automatically upload them to YouTube with just one click. 

If you're a small business and need to keep your costs down then MeetingBurner has something for you as well. Their Free Plan has more features than any other paid plan we've tried elsewhere. You can have up to 15 attendees and you even get free email support! How's that for a deal? If you prefer phone support you can go with their Pro Plan which only costs $39.95 per month. Phone support for under $40 a month? That's practically unheard of!

So if you've been using another webinar software and you still haven't switched over to what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Free Plan today and you can thank us later. Oh and don't worry there's no catch, their Free Plan is truly free…for life. Whether you love your experience with MeetingBurner or not (which we doubt) don't forget to leave your MeetingBurner reviews below so you can help our other readers out. 

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  • I agree.

    Super easy to use, and it’s so much less expensive than other options. Lots of features and download free interface for attendees = happy me.


    we’re contemplating using this for our church website training

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