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James Allen Reviews
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James Allen is undoubtedly one of our favorite jewelry websites. We stumbled across James Allen while looking for a gift for our sweet mom. Yes, even tigers buy their mom's gifts. If you're an online shopper who still buys your jewelry in a store you're missing out. There are a lot of great reasons to buy your jewelry online and James Allen exemplifies all of them. 

When you're buying jewelry at a place like Tiffany & Co. or Cartier not only are you paying for their brand name but you're also paying for their rent in that expensive shopping center. Don't get us wrong these brands have great quality products but gemstones and precious metals are all very similar as long as you're comparing by grade or karat. Buying the same thing online can save you thousands especially on the higher ticket items.

Still it can be stressful spending so much on an and then waiting for it in the mail. Luckily for you James Allen has all of that covered. For example they have something called “Risk Free Retail” to take all of the worries out of shopping for jewelry online. Their Risk Free Retail policies include a 60 day return policy, lifetime warranty, free shipping & returns, and more!

Their free returns policy is great if you want to get an opinion from friends or see how it looks on you. You can essentially try their jewelry on in your own home without every leaving your house and without spending a dime if you decide you don't want it! With free shipping both ways and a 60 day return policy you have more than enough time and incentive to decide whether you really love your purchase.

Another thing we really love about James Allen is their 24/7 customer service. At any time you can start a live chat with a customer service agent who can answer any questions you throw at them, perfect if you're in a far away time zone! Or if you prefer to talk to someone they have helpful and knowledgeable employees who can help you by phone as well. 

We almost forgot to mention their lifetime warranty which is practically unheard of online or at a physical store. They will repair any manufacturer defects for life and our favorite free prong tightening, polishing, Rhodium plating, and cleaning for life! This goes a long way towards maintaining the beauty of your jewelry for life.

Here's a couple of great tips for saving even more on your purchase at James Allen. First they have a refer a friend program and will give you up to $100 off of your next purchase. Second, pay for your order by bank wire and James Allen will give you a 1.5% discount which will go a long way towards a big purchase like an engagement ring. Finally, have your purchase shipped outside of Maryland and New York and you won't have to pay sales tax. Every little bit helps!

Let's not forget the most important aspect of their website, their jewelry! James Allen has beautiful jewelry and with their Virtual Loupe you can see the exact diamond you'll be purchasing up close so there's no surprises. We haven't seen another site that has more detailed images of their jewelry yet.

So if James Allen has everything you need in a jeweler for a fraction of the cost what are you waiting for? Head over to JamesAllen.com and tell them Review Tiger sent you. Don't forget to leave your James Allen Reviews below so others can learn about your shopping experience!

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