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Sticker Mule Reviews
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Are you in the market for custom made stickers for your brand, business, or for a special event? Then you have to check out We were looking for stickers for our website when we came across Sticker Mule and we were sold immediately!

The first thing we noticed about their website is how easy it is to figure out. It's beautifully designed and everything you need to know is laid out right in front of you in plain English. Right away you see icons which tell you what products they offer. They have die cut stickers, custom stickers, bumper stickers, and sticker sheets just to name a few. They even have skins for your laptop, iPhone or iPad!

Their ordering process is pretty simple which is one of the things we really loved. You select the type of sticker you want (i.e. oval, square, etc.) then select the size you want and finally upload the image in any file format you want. After you've placed your order they'll email you a proof which you can either approve or send back to them with any changes you want.

One of the features that they proudly advertise is that they have some of the fastest production times in the business and ship all orders in 5 days! This is a great feature for all of you procrastinators out there. We didn't even know you could print custom stickers that fast. 

The feature that we love most about Sticker Mule is that they offer free UPS ground shipping on all orders shipped within the United States. They even spell out your shipping options for you when you get to the shipping page so you can decide if it's worth it for you to pay to get your order even faster. If you're from outside of the U.S. they got you covered with international shipping as well. 

Customer service at Sticker Mule is awesome too. After you visit their site check out their FAQ page where you can read more about their policies. One of the things that sold us was their policies on customer satisfaction. For example if your order arrives late they'll give you a credit for a future purchase. How awesome is that? They give you free shipping AND they guarantee it will get there on time.

If you're on the fence about buying stickers from Sticker Mule then check out their website and see the great customer reviews they have and even see all of the big brands they have as clients. If you still need to be convinced they have a sample pack which includes a bunch of oval, circle, rectangle and die cut stickers for only 1 dollar. Isn't that cool? For only a buck you can get a huge sample of free stickers…and that includes shipping.

Since we're already a client of theirs they gave us a referral code we could give out which will entitle you to a $10 credit towards your first purchase. All you have to do is sign up and they'll give you a $10 credit which you can use whenever you're ready to order. After you've given them a try please leave your Sticker Mule reviews below and let us know how your experience was!

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  • I took a look at the website and you’re right it’s super easy to use! I ordered a sample pack and am looking forward to getting it. Can’t go wrong for $1 🙂


    Great site! Going to try them out with the referral code you provided. Liking your site too.

  • cool website design. nice and clean, but I ordered some samples from these guys and was surprised at how low quality the material is. they aren’t really even stickers. more like labels.

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