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If you're in the market some jewelry either for yourself or for a loved one then you need to check out before making your decision. Shopping for jewelry online is a great way to save money because you can still get great quality jewelry for a fraction of the price but what if you're like us and you want to spend your money at a business that has ethical and environmentally friendly business practices? Then is your kind of jewelry store.

Brilliant Earth stands out from their competitors because unlike many other jewelry companies they realize the impact mining has on the environment and they're doing something about it. Did you know that in order to mine one ounce of gold 30 tons of earth has to be displace? This is one reason why Brilliant Earth only use recycled gold and platinum in their jewelry. Are you worried about buying conflict diamonds or other unethically sourced stones? Brilliant Earth gets their diamonds from Canada so you don't have to worry about anybody getting hurt so you can enjoy that diamond ring. On top of that they give 5% of their profits back to communities which are impacted by the jewelry trade.

Okay that's great you love Brilliant Earth's policies and you think their jewelry is beautiful but why should you shop there and not somewhere else? Well you have to check out their friendly policies which make the shopping experience a breeze. Brilliant Earth offers free shipping on ALL orders and even give you 30 days to decide whether your purchase is right for you. Not sure if you can afford that piece of jewelry that's perfect for you or your loved one? Brilliant Earth has financing options available as well.

Here's a couple of other tips to save money by shopping at Brilliant Earth. If you have your product shipped outside of California you can save on sales tax which can be quite a bit when you're talking engagement ring money. Do you want to save an extra 1.5%? Then pay by bank wire. That's right Brilliant Earth offers a 1.5% discount for all purchases made with bank wire which is more than most brick and mortar jewelry stores can say.

So we've already established that Brilliant Earth is the best option available if you're concerned about impacting the environment or mining communities and you can save some money buy shopping on their website as opposed to your local jeweler so what's next? Browse their website of course! They have a beautiful website which is very user friendly we might add. Take a look at their beautiful products or read their guide on how to choose the right diamond for you. If you need more help with your purchase you can start a live chat with someone from their company who can answer all of your questions about diamonds or any other jewelry that they offer. 

Don't forget if you see something you love you can get free shipping and 30 days to decide whether it's perfect for you! Give them a try and when you're done leave your Brilliant Earth Reviews below to help others who are considering shopping there as well.

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  • I read about their site in Newsweek and got my fiance her engagement ring from there. She’s a very sophisticated well traveled woman and was in conflict about wanting diamonds, but not wanting blood diamonds, and this was the perfect thing. The customer service was amazing, and the ring made her very happy. Definitely revisiting there for anniversary jewelry as well.

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