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Dynamic Greens Reviews
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If you've ever tried wheatgrass as a health supplement then you are probably well aware of the benefits that this little green drink offers. If you're like us and drink wheatgrass juice religiously from a place like Jamba Juice every day at $3-4 a shot your healthy habit can turn it pricy monthly expense.

The cost eventually drove us to start growing and juicing our own but if you don't feel like getting your hands dirty and you want the convenience of being able to take a shot whenever you like then you may want to buy your wheatgrass juice frozen. Usually you can find frozen wheatgrass at a local health food store or if you prefer to shop online as much as we do then you have to check out Dynamic Greens!

Dynamic Greens has been growing wheatgrass on their farm in Canada for over 35 years and their frozen wheatgrass is some of the best you can find online. So what's so great about their website? Here are a few nice benefits of shopping at Dynamic Greens.

Free shipping- We had to mention this first because when you shop online as much as we do you get excited about places that offer free shipping on all orders. Any orders you make at Dynamic Greens are guaranteed to be delivered over night (2 days for some U.S. states) or according to their FAQ page they'll “make it right.”

Outdoor grown- All Dynamic Greens wheatgrass is grown outdoors and not in a nursery somewhere which according to them provides 50% more chlorophyll and a “remarkably better taste.”

It's all natural- That's right all of the wheatgrass grown at Dynamic Greens is grown without herbicides and pesticides and is great for the earth. This is nice for anyone who not only cares about their body but also wants to make as little impact as possible on the environment.

Okay all that is great but how much does it cost? Dynamic Greens might sound a little pricey at first as the minimum order amount that they ship to the U.S is $189 but you have to keep in mind that's for 200 half ounce cubes which works out to $1.89 per ounce. That's a lot less than buying it from Whole Foods or Jamba Juice! We imagine the reason why their minimum order amount is $189 is this is probably the minimum they're willing to sell in order to justify offering free shipping. If you're a serious wheatgrass drinker this shouldn't be a problem though! You can keep your juice in your freezer and in the long run you'll save yourself quite a bit of money. If you want to save even more you can buy as much as 600 ounces at the low price of $1.40 per ounce.

If you have any more questions head on over to their site and give them a try. Once you receive your yummy wheatgrass leave your Dynamic Greens reviews below for other readers who are on the fence!

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    That does sound pretty good. I had given up on my pricey jamba juice habit, but my body can definitely tell the difference. I had never thought of getting that online. Thanks for posting!


    Just placed my first order there. Incredible savings in my opinion. Just think of all the gas you save having to go to a juice bar for that all important shot. Great idea, Dynamic Greens. Wish I could have thought of it first! In any case their website is very easy to go through even for a first time customer.

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