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WP Soar is a service that gives you 24/7 access to the best WordPress support.

What we love about WP Soar

WP Soar gives you great value for your money! Their service starts at just $79/month which can easily pay for itself if you really value your time.

Another great thing that we really like is the fact that they have so many extra services available with their more expensive packages. For example, with their Professional package you get phone support! For a busy entrepreneur that's almost as great as having a WordPress developer sitting beside you in your office.

Benefit 1: WP Soar saves you money

If you've ever worked with a developer before, whether it was to build your website in WordPress, or just to make small edits to your website you know how expensive it can get.

Let's be honest for most of us if the change isn't something we can do in WordPress' WYSIWYG editor it's just not something we can do.

With WP Soar you don't have to waste money paying a developer every time you need something installed or something fixed on your site. Now you can just submit a request from within your WP Soar dashboard and they'll take care of it for one flat monthly fee (as long as it's within their very generous scope of services.)

Benefit 2: WP Soar saves you time

WP Soar gives you 24/7 WordPress support so that means whenever you need a change, addition, or fix to your WordPress website you just have to submit a request to them. 

This means no more digging through the WordPress admin or testing your website in different browsers and on different devices.

Just submit your request to them and, depending on what plan you're subscribed to, they'll get back to you with the completed task in as little as 4 hours.

This means no more wasting time trying to find a freelance developer, negotiating a price, then having to check their work once it's complete. 

Benefit 3: They're more than just WordPress support

One thing that we really think makes WP Soar stand out is the fact that they are more than just a service that you can outsource your WordPress support to.

If you visit their blog you'll notice it's full of great resources for entrepreneurs and business owners. They also have tons of WordPress support videos if you're the do-it-yourself type as well as a podcast which is super educational.

Lastly, they also offer marketing consulting with their VIP Plan which is really helpful for people trying to navigate the world of marketing their business online.

Our personal takeaways

WP Soar is a must have if you have a WordPress website that is generating revenue or if you just don't want to deal with the hassle of figuring out how to make edits to your WordPress website yourself.

We consider WP Soar to be more than a service provider, they're also a helpful resource and partner for anyone who is looking for help to grow their business.

Who would we recommend WP Soar to?

WP Soar is a great service for anyone who has a WordPress website and just wants to free up more time.

It's especially helpful if you're a small business and you don't have the ability to hire in-house staff to manage all of tasks related to your WordPress website.

Do you want to save time by outsourcing your WordPress development tasks? Visit the WP Soar website to sign up today!

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