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Amazing Grass Reviews
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Are you a fan of wheatgrass? Are you always looking for new ways to get your daily dose of wheatgrass? Many wheatgrass lovers find that it can be tough to keep up their healthy habit either because they don't have the time to juice their own or stop by their local health bar. That's where Amazing Grass comes in. They sell farm grown dehydrated wheatgrass which is one of the most efficient and versatile ways to get the many benefits wheatgrass has to offer.

Hungry tigers like us will eat just about anything and wheatgrass is no exception. Unfortunately drinking wheatgrass every day can get a little pricey so we were pretty excited when we came across Amazing Grass and their dehydrated wheatgrass. For example a typical shot of wheatgrass at a place like Jamba Juice can cost $3-$4 but a similar serving of wheatgrass powder mixed with water from Amazing Grass is less than $1. How's that for savings? Now you can do your body a favor every day without going bankrupt!

Besides being more affordable Amazing Grass also make some of the best wheatgrass products on the market. Amazing Grass's wheatgrass is grown in a field unlike other wheatgrass which is typically grown in a tray which results in roughly 4 times as much chlorophyll (the stuff that makes wheatgrass so healthy.) On top of that all of their wheatgrass is certified organic and is herbicide and pesticide free so you can feel good about putting it into your body.

Not only are Amazing Grass's products inexpensive compared to the juice bar but they taste good and are good for you too. Check out their testimonials page for real feedback from their customers who have experienced all sorts of improvements in health since using their products. Does drinking the same wheatgrass every day drive your taste buds crazy? Then switch it up with one of their other products. Amazing Grass's Berry Green Superfood is a yummy way to get your greens and you even get some added anti-oxidants from the Goji and Acai berries which are included as well. Are you a chocolate lover? Try their Chocolate Green Superfood for the added benefits of cacao.

Don't forget to try their energy bars for a healthy snack when you don't have time to have a full meal. Plus they're all organic and have no added sugar so you can feel good about giving them to your kids as well. Also sure to check out their recipes page for some other ways you can use Amazing Grass powder.

If you want some additional ways to save on your order you can get free shipping on all orders over $75. Not sure if you're ready to spend that much? Try out their samples to see how you like their products. Make sure you check back often though because their sample sizes can sell out fast. 

Once you've tried their products and you've decided that you can't get enough be sure to check out their GrassHeads autoship program for some great savings. GrassHeads members get a 20% discount on all orders, exclusive special offers and promos, and best of all free shipping on all orders within the United States! If you're not ready to commit to recurring shipments then consider signing up for their newsletter and get promotional offers emailed to you directly so you don't miss out on any discounts they're offering.

So if you love wheatgrass and you're ready to try something new or if you've always wanted to try it head over to Amazing Grass and tell them Review Tiger sent you. Don't forget to leave your Amazing Grass reviews below so all of our readers will know how your experience was. We promise you won't be disappointed!


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