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Food Insurance Reviews
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Have you ever considered preparing for a catastrophic emergency? With all this talk of the end of the world and zombie apocalypses going around it got us thinking maybe we should start being a little more prepared. That's when we discovered and they got us thinking, we have all kinds of other insurance so why not food insurance?

Food Insurance is a website which sells short-term and long-term food supply solutions so you and your family can be prepared in the event of an emergency. You're probably asking “can't I just buy a few cans of pork and beans and I'm covered?” If you're the type who can eat pork and beans 3 times a day then go right ahead. Hungry tigers like us need a little variety though. That's why we love Food Insurance's gourmet meal options like lasagna, chicken noodle soup, and blueberry pancakes to name a few.

What's even better is all of their food is freeze dried so you it retains it's freshness, taste, and smell. Let's see your pork and beans do that! Also because it's freeze dried Food Insurance's meals last for 25+ years without the energy costs that going along with freezing. This makes storing your Food Insurance meals easy and inexpensive.

If you're looking for long-term meal plans, short-term meal plans, or just á la carte options they have something for you. They even have vegetarian meal plans and gluten free options for those with special dietary needs. Check out their fruit combo packs for a healthy snack or their ice cream sandwiches if you have a sweet tooth.

Are you preparing to feed your entire family in the event of a long term emergency? Food Insurance has you covered with meal plans as big as 3,792 entrées which will feed a family of 5 for a year at 3 meals per day. Don't forget that if you buy one of their long term meal plans you'll also get free shipping within the contiguous United States. Here's a tip, follow them on twitter where they regularly offer discounts and promotions to save on your order.

Not sure which plan you need to feed your family? Check out their emergency food calculator, enter in the number of family members you have, and select one of their meal plans to see for how many days your family can eat three meals before running out. Food Insurance also has other products to prepare you for a disaster such as their preparedness kits, water purifiers, and garden seeds which would all come in handy in a  survival situation.

If you want to prepare for a long-term event but you don't have the cash to pay for it all up front check out their pay-as-you-go program. They'll work with any budget and you still get free shipping. This is a great way to begin preparing for whatever emergency life throws at you. Heck, you can even buy them for the starving college student in your family.

With all the uncertainty going around now days it makes sense to a plan in place in the event that your family needs food. If you are the type that likes to prepare then you can Food Insurance for taste and convenience. Give them a try and leave your Food Insurance reviews below so we can all know how your experience was. Be sure to try the lasagna, it's our favorite!

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  • I have tasted some of the samples from Food Insurance, and they are absolutely delicious! The Chicken A’la King was my favorite kind, but all of them were good! I also love that they, unlike many of the other freeze dried companies, disclose all of their nutrition information and ingredients right there on the website. If you look at some of the competitors you have to scour their site, and sometimes even leave the site to find their ingredient lists! I definitely choose Food Insurance for my preparedness needs!

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