Miracle Noodle Reviews

Miracle Noodle Reviews
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Do you love noodles but hate the calories and carbs? Then you'll love Miracle Noodle. Miracle Noodle is a popular type of noodle in Japan which is made from the root of a Japanese plant called Konnyaku Imo. It's been a staple of Asian diets for thousands of years but has recently started gaining popularity in the United States among health conscious individuals.

So how does Miracle Noodle work? Since it's made out of soluble fiber it makes you feel full longer so you consume less calories. Eating Miracle Noodle once per day over time will mean fewer calories ingested which as you know means more weight lost! So why is Miracle Noodle better than other soluble fiber alternatives which help you feel full as well? Unlike other soluble fiber options Miracle Noodle contains zero net carbs, zero calories, and it's also gluten free!

What we love most about their noodles is how fast and easy they are to prepare. You can boil them for 1 minute and they're ready to eat! This is great for hungry tigers like us as we like to eat fast.

You're probably thinking “this sounds great but how does it taste?” Well Miracle Noodle absorbs the taste of the ingredients you're cooking with so it tastes great too. If you don't believe us check out their customer testimonials page which has tons of feedback from satisfied customers. If that's not enough to sway you they've been featured on the Rachael Ray Show, Men's Health, and Shape Magazine among other places.

Miracle Noodle isn't just great for Asian Dishes, they also make versions of popular pasta types which you can use in place of traditional pasta noodles. For example they have angel hair, fettucine, orzo, and rigatoni made of out Miracle Noodle! This is a great option for pasta lovers who want an alternative to carb heavy traditional pastas. Our favorite is the Miracle Noodle rice because everyone knows tigers love rice but even tigers have to watch the amount of carbs they eat. If you want even more ideas of ways you can use Miracle Noodle check out their recipes page for lots of yummy ways to prepare meals using their noodles.

The folks at MiracleNoodle.com are so confident that you'll love their product they offer free shipping and a full refund…even if you've eaten it! That's right as long as you don't eat more than 3 packs they will give you a full refund. With a return policy that customer friendly how can you not try their products? Here's a little tip…if you “Like” their facebook page they post discount codes from time to time which can go a long way if you're a big Miracle Noodle eater.

If you have any other questions feel free to start a chat with them and you'll find that they're more than happy to help. Be sure to check out their blog as well for more recipe ideas and tips on where to find their noodles in stores. Once you've made your first order and given them a try leave your Miracle Noodle reviews below so our readers can learn about your experience.


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