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It’s hard to eat good these days. Price, convenience, and the availability of high quality food can be a real pain if you’re a fulltime worker, student, or homemaker. If you’re a busy person, on the go, and are sick and tired of eating out at low quality places, then is going to be a delicious change of pace. Munchery focuses on delivering high quality, fresh meals shipped fast and straight to your doorstep.

The first thing you’ll love about is their awesome use of fresh seasonal ingredients. Their world-class chefs only use local fresh and seasonal ingredients so the menu is constantly changing which creates a truly unique experience with every order. Additionally, because they only use fresh and seasonal ingredients you’ll never get bored with their impressive selection of menu items.

The menu items at Munchery are “Elite Restaurant Quality” and offer a massive collection of entrées that range in about the $10 – $12 range per meal. This is a very affordable in our opinion considering most fast food joints charge about the same rate and the food is usually not the same quality as what you can get from It also helps that is made with 100% fresh ingredients and is a much healthier alternative to fast food.

The quality and quantity of the system is top notch. You can expect food from the best local chefs (in the Bay area) and a fine variety of restaurant quality meals that are hand-made daily using natural ingredients. They also offer a huge selection of fresh beverages to compliment your meal which we really like.

Not only is the quality good but the quantity is as well – each meal contains multiple items and is approximately 12-16 oz. It’s also important to note that the entire delivery system is eco-friendly and all packaging is made from 100% recycled fiber. 

One thing you can expect when ordering food from is excellent customer service. They care about your satisfaction, in fact their entire motto is that customer satisfaction comes before anything else. For example you can always cancel orders, for any reason, on the same day of your delivery as long as it’s before 10 AM. Additionally, if you’re unhappy they want to hear from you and they’ll be eager to work out a deal so that you’re happy with their service.

So they offer great food, at a great price, using nothing but 100% fresh local ingredients but there’s one reason we recommend above everything else and that’s because they help their local community, and those that are struggling to make it on their own.

For every meal that you purchase from, they deliver a free meal to someone in need. This is a tremendous “feel good” value that no other restaurant can touch, and the notion that when you’re helping someone in need and getting fresh healthy inexpensive food at the same time is an excellent notion indeed. It’s a win/win/win, which is why gets our total stamp of approval. So if you're in San Francisco and want to give them a try leave your Munchery reviews below and share your experience with our readers!

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