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Do you love quality meals but lack the time to shop for ingredients? Maybe you love restaurant quality food but don't like spending money eating out all of the time? Fortunately we have just the solution for you. Our team here at ReviewTiger stumbled across, a service that delivers quality food straight to your door to save you time and money.

Not sure whether a food delivery service is right for you? Fortunately Plated is much more than a food delivery service. They send you all of the ingredients needed to make your meals (minus the ingredients from a few staples that you should have in your kitchen) plus they'll tell you what cooking utensils you need, the number of calories in the dish, and an estimated prep time.

We're sure you're wondering how it all works exactly. It's pretty easy actually. Every Monday Plated adds a new menu to their website with pictures that you can use to help you choose your meals. Pick the ones that you like best and the following Monday your fresh ingredients will be shipped and delivered to your door on Tuesday. The ingredients come in a 100% recyclable and biodegradable box (which we love) and are kept cool long enough so that they will last 4-5 days if you put them in your refrigerator on Tuesday evening.

You would think that a service like this costs a ton or money but it doesn't. Plated has 2 options for pricing, their membership program and their A-la-Carte pricing. Membership is $10/month and if you're a member each plate only costs $12 (including shipping) as opposed to $15/plate for non members. Keep in mind that Plated has a minimum order of 4 plates so if you are a non-member the minimum you will spend in a month is $60 as opposed to what you would spend as a member ordering 4 plates for $48 plus a $10 membership fee. So even if you're only buying the minimum amount as a member you would save $2 and even more if you order more than 4 plates per month.

Besides the obvious time savings and convenience benefits of using Plated there are also some other great benefits to using their service. We really love spending our money with businesses that are socially and environmentally conscious and Plated does their part to make a difference which we love. For example the ingredients that go into a Plated meal are responsibly sourced. What this means is whenever possible Plated sources their ingredients from local suppliers and American farmers. They consider sustainability when sourcing their nutritious ingredients and they always use ingredients that are in season since out of season ingredients can negatively affect taste.

Unfortunately Plated doesn't deliver everywhere in the U.S. yet, but if you're wondering whether they deliver to your area head over to their website and enter your zip code. Their website says that they're working on delivering to 100% of the continental United States so hopefully soon everyone will be able to benefit from their awesome service. If you're one of the lucky people who live in an area that they deliver to give them a try and leave your Plated reviews below so others can learn how your experience was.

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