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Herb Kits Reviews
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If you love cooking then you should be growing your own herbs. Why? Because it's easy, convenient, and it's way cheaper than buying them from the store. Not to mention it's fun and can brighten up your home. So where do you go to grow your own herbs? HerbKits.com of course. HerbKits.com is a website which specializes in selling indoor herb garden kits. So if you're looking to start growing your own herbs and need a recommendation or you are just  doing your research before you make a purchase read on to see why we like HerbKits.com and you should too!

We got the bright idea to start growing our own vegetables and herbs because we thought it would be fun and healthy. We had no idea where to start so we thought we should buy a kit similar to when we first experimented with growing our own wheatgrass. Fortunately we stumbled upon HerbKits.com. They carry a kit for practically anything you'd like to grow so they're not just limited to herbs. For example they have a mexican salsa kit and a salad garden kit. They also sell something that we're particularly excited about, if you check out their holiday gift guide they sell a tree kit which includes everything you need to grow your own christmas tree. Growing your own christmas tree can be a lot of fun and is eco-friendly because it's not shipped from some far off place.

Some other great products that they have are a bonsai tree kit and a shiitake mushroom kit. Both great products for someone who wants to liven up their garden or dinner table. If you're looking to grow herbs for medicinal purposes rather than for your dinner table they have a great informational section on all of the properties of herbs and their reported health benefits.

They also have an assortment of flower kits which include seeds and growing instructions. Their wild flowers kit and giant sunflowers kit are a great start for someone who wants to start their own flower garden. Whichever product you choose make sure that your total comes out to more than $50 so you can take advantage of their free shipping offer. Don't worry though if your order doesn't total more than $50 because HerbKits.com also offers flat rate shipping for only $4.95 for orders under $50. We always love websites that offer flat rate shipping especially when your ordering something that's big and bulky.

So if you're looking to start your first herb garden, flower garden, or grow your own christmas tree then take a look at HerbKits.com. Here's a tip, make sure to join their newsletter for special offers and recipes which they send out from time to time which we've noticed are a great way to stay up to date on their specials. Once your first herb garden is up and running be sure to tweet a pic to @reviewtiger or even better leave your Herb Kits reviews below so our readers can learn about your experience.

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