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So we stumbled upon eMeals.com and thought “Oh great, another expensive meal delivery website.” Boy were we wrong. It turns out eMeals is the best thing we never knew we needed. eMeals is a subscription service which delivers weekly meal recipes directly to your email inbox along with an itemized shopping list which coordinates with the weekly specials at many popular store chains. Here's a few reasons why eMeals can make your life easier and healthier!

Each of eMeals recipes are simple, creative and healthy so you can feel good knowing that  your family is eating good food that they'll enjoy. Not cooking for an entire family? Emeals has meal plans which make 1-2 servings which are great for couples or the single person who's always on the go.

To get started choose the type of meal plan you want. They range from “Classic Meals” to “Low Carb” to “Vegetarian” and more. For example they have “Paleo” and “Gluten Free” meal plans which are great for someone who wants to start on those type of diets but doesn't know how or where to begin. We've recently decided to go Gluten free based on this book that we've read about how unhealthy Gluten can be. Once we realized how hard it can be to find food that doesn't actually have Gluten in it we were discouraged but fortunately with eMeals “Gluten Free” meal plan they not only send you Gluten free recipes but they send you an itemized shopping list of Gluten free groceries so you don't have to spend all your time researching which foods don't contain Gluten.

Getting started is simple. You choose how many portions you'll need per meal. For example you can choose between 1-2 portion recipes or 3-6 portion recipes. Next you choose the meal plan you want (there are 10 to choose from) and a preferred store to shop at. Most of their meal plans work at any store but with some of the more complicated meal plans such as their “Organic Plan” you can choose between Whole Foods or all other grocery stores. This helps eMeals recommend the right products to make grocery shopping easier. Next you can choose how long of a subscription you'd like. If you opt for their 3 month plan it works out to $7 per month or if you opt to prepay for 12 months it comes out to $5 per month. That's roughly 16 cents per day to have someone design meal plans and create your grocery shopping list for you! It's like having the most affordable personal assistant ever!

You also have the option to choose breakfast and lunch meal plans as well. Lunch meal plans are only an additional $4/month and breakfast plans are an additional $3/month. We are super excited about this service because we see how helpful it can be for so many people. Not only can it save a ton of time and money for the chef of the house but it can be a very, very powerful tool for those trying to stick to a new diet or live a healthier lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to eMeals.com and see how you can easily transform your eating habits while saving you time and money for just a pennies a day. Leave your eMeals reviews below and let us know how eMeals has worked for you. Did it help you save money? Lose weight? We'd like to know!

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  • Sorry to say that I’m very disappointed with emeals. This was recommended though a Dave Ramsey course at our church and I took the plunge and spent my hard earned money that I now cannot get a refund for.

    My complaints are:

    #1 My family does not eat pork. There is nowhere that I can find to list allergies or items that are “off limits”. They can easily do this…at least give the clients the option to list one or two main items.

    #2 There is no calorie count in the low carb meal plans or with any other that I can tell. All nutritional information should be listed with each recipe or at least the main information. You can bet that if clients wanted THIS meal plan, it’s because they are watching their intake of calories, protein, carbs, and fat.

    #3. There is no way to alter the grocery list for the items/meals that you do not want. Remaking my grocery list is not a time saver and time is money.

    Those are my main complaints but I’ve only “used” emeals for three weeks.

    Oh, BTW, you can change your meal plan to another type only ONCE a month. So if pork or some other “off limit” food is on your meal plan every week like it is mine, then consider it a loss.

  • I agree on the other recommendations to make it better that were mentioned, such as being able to make a food choice off limits or for their website to adjust the shopping list for the meals you choose not eat.

    That all being said, I’ve been thrilled with emeals. I won’t cook 7 days a week, so I choose 4-5 meals a week on the plan, and we make them. Emeals has caused me to make dishes I never thought I’d make. Most meals have been delicious. They just added a slow cooker plan, which has been fantastic! But again, I do agree with the other poster about we should be able to change our subscription more than once a month.

    All in all, I got it for 50% off through Groupon, and I am more than satisfied with the product.

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