Buddha Groove Reviews

Buddha Groove Reviews
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Do you enjoy the teachings of Buddha? Maybe you just like the look of Buddha statues, art, and figurines. Whatever the case BuddhaGroove.com has something for you. Buddha Groove's website carries one of the largest selections of Buddha inspired art, gifts, jewelry, and home accents. Perfect for decorating your home and garden to bring a sense of calm and serenity into your life.

Their products are created by skilled artists from as far away as India, Nepal, and Thailand to name a few. To see the detail that goes into each of their products take a look at their jewelry selection which has beautiful jewelry made out of all kinds of fine metals, stones, and materials. For example they have beautiful meditation beads made out of quartz or even jewelry made out of gold if you're feeling extra fancy. Search for the exact product you're looking for by country of origin if you like or do a search by the type of imagery you prefer such as “Happy Buddha.”

Do you want to get a Buddha statue to accentuate a room or bring serenity to your garden? BuddhaGroove.com has the largest collections of Buddha statues we have ever seen. You can find statues starting for as little as $11 or you can go all out with statues made of stone which cost upwards of $800. 

I bet you're wondering how do you get a stone statue delivered to you. Well fortunately for Buddha Groove customers they offer free shipping on most products within the continental United States (sorry Alaska and Hawaii.) Don't worry though if they don't offer free shipping to your state. As long as you aren't having your order shipped within New York you don't have to pay sales tax. That's right, BuddhaGroove.com does not charge sales tax for orders shipped outside of New York!

In addition if you decide that you don't like the product that you ordered you can return it within 15 days and get a full refund (minus shipping costs.) Although now days 15 days does seem a little short compared to other website's return policies it's more than enough time to decide if your purchase was right for you. Besides once you see their products we doubt you would want to return anything you've bought from there.

Looking for a little inspiration or wisdom to get you through the day? Check out their blog which has a ton of great philosophies, teachings, and traditions. Or if you prefer your wisdom in bite size chunks be sure to follow them on twitter. Their daily tweets are a favorite of ours and are really fun to read.

If you're not the twitter type then be sure to sign up for their newsletter and not only will you receive Buddha inspiration delivered right to your inbox but you get exclusive access to email only promotional discounts. Perfect for shoppers like us who like to save!

Once you've given them a try and you've gotten the Buddha thing covered be sure to come back and leave your Buddha Groove reviews so our readers can learn about your experience. Happy shopping and namaste!

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  • First of all, many of their products are overpriced. Second, I bought a fountain of a Buddha that cost me a little over 800 dollars. After a nightmare incident with the delivery company that Buddha Groove hired for my area delivery, I unwrapped the huge fountain/statue to discover that the bottom fountain was round, not square like it was shown in the picture. It was also bowl-like, so getting it balanced and stable while setting it up…well good luck with that! Also, what was left out of the description was that the “natural volcanic stone” that the item is carved from is so porous that after the first winter, all the water that had frozen in the little pockets expanded and there went most of my Buddha statue/fountain. I’ve tried to contact the company to ask how to care for this statue during the winter months and they have totally ignored me. When you do call them, usually the first person that answers is a female that is really unfriendly. Then they tell you some guy will call back. He does, and if you can understand his thick accent, then you’re one step ahead of me. Now after the destruction of winter, I never heard from them again. I wasn’t even asking for a replacement, just asking how to protect my item.
    Stay away from this company!!!!

  • Love the site and their products. I ordered the large Buddha Wall panel after looking at several places only. It was the last piece so I wasnt sure. Called them and they assured me about the quality. What a great find. Got the delivery as expected and everyone who visits my house talks about it. Will be ordering more things…

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