Wheatgrass Kits Reviews

Wheatgrass Kits Reviews
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Do you enjoy drinking wheatgrass juice as a health supplement? There are a ton of great benefits to drinking wheatgrass however it can be time consuming (and expensive) buying wheatgrass juice from a juice bar or health food store. For that reason we recommend growing your own or buying it frozen from a website like Dynamic Greens. If you do decide to grow your own we recommend getting a little help your first time and investing in a wheatgrass growing kit from WheatgrassKits.com. Here are some reasons why we recommend them.

Their flagship wheatgrass growing kit is the “Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit” which has everything you need to grow your own wheatgrass. It comes with seeds, soil, trays, and more. Most importantly though it comes with a guide and their website has video instructions as well. This kit yields about 90 ounces of wheatgrass juice for under $40. Compare this to a 1 ounce shot of wheatgrass at a juice bar for roughly $2.00 and you would save around $140.00!

In addition to wheatgrass growing kits they also sell high quality wheatgrass juicers. They proudly display that they only sell juicers which they have tested and for that reason they don't sell cheap low quality juicers because they've tested them and don't feel that they are good enough for their customers. They sell manual, electric, and commercial grade juicers. One thing we really love is their upgrade policy on manual juicers. If at any time you ever want to upgrade from one of their manual juicers to one of their electric juicers they will offer you a trade in value for your manual juicer which you can use towards your upgrade. On the other hand if you decide to purchase an electric juicer they offer free ground shipping within the contiguous United States.

Don't let their name fool you, they also carry a ton of other kits for preparing and growing a ton of other types of health foods. For example they have soymilk and tofu kits, bread and cereal kits, mushroom kits, and tree growing kits among others. In addition they have a ton of resources for their customers to use if you're just getting started growing your own products. You can check out their “Information” section which has growing tips, instructional videos, and FAQ's or for even more help take a look at their forum which is full of information generated by them and their customers on growing the products that they sell. You can browse for recipes or post a question to get feedback from people just like yourself.

WheatgrassKits.com also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and their return policy states that they will accept returns within 30 days of the purchase date. They do however have a 20% restocking fee but it sounds like this only applies to items which have been used as they have to then resale them as used.

Overall we think WheatgrassKits.com has a pretty great website. They have a great selection of growing kits and what we love most is that they have a great selection of organic products. Their shipping and return policy is pretty standard however. So if you're looking for a wheatgrass growing kit or any growing kit for that matter be sure to visit WheatgrassKits.com but before you do read our Wheatgrass Kits reviews below or leave your own to help out our readers.

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