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Is managing your physical mail too much to handle? Do you ever let your mail pile up because you just don't want to take the time to sift through all of the junk mail? We've been there, which is why we were excited when we stumbled across Traveling Mailbox.

Traveling Mailbox is an “online mailbox” which is a service that manages all of your physical mail for you to save you time and keep you more organized. 

We signed up for their “Basic Plan” which costs $15/month plus we pay an extra $4.95/month for a “Premium Address” which allows us to have an address in Seattle, Washington to forward all of our mail to. Their “Premium Address” feature is great if you want to give the appearance that you're in a big city for business purposes or you just want your address to be in a city that you love.

Getting set up wasn't as simple as just signing up online unfortunately but this is to be expected as they need to verify your identity for security reasons. We sent them photos of our ID and got a form from the post office which we had notarized and we were on our way. They set up our account almost immediately after we sent them all of the documents!

Once everything was approved we updated our address on everything we could think of and we started to see mail coming into our online dashboard.

When Traveling Mailbox receives your mail they take a picture of the outside of the envelope and send you an email alert which includes the picture. Next you can easily log into your Traveling Mailbox dashboard and let them know what to do with the mail. You can ask them to open it up and scan it, shred it, or forward it to you. 

If we don't need something we have them shred it, but for everything else we have them scan it and then we email a copy of the scanned PDF to ourselves which goes directly into a “Traveling Mailbox” folder in our email inbox. Now we have all of our physical mail in the same place as our email, it's great!

If you travel a lot and need a way to manage your mail then this is the perfect solution, especially if you're spending a significant amount of time out of the country and need a place for all of your mail to go. 

Traveling Mailbox is also great if you move a lot. Forwarding your mail each time you move can be a hassle, and updating your new address with each business or person you know just isn't realistic. We love the peace of mind we get knowing that we'll have one address for the rest of our life, even if we move.

We also feel great knowing that we have a digital copy of all of our mail and that everything is organized in one place, it's perfect for people that love everything to be neat and orderly!

So if you're like us and just plain tired of the old way of managing your mail (who isn't?) then head over to Traveling Mailbox and sign up today. We promise it will be well worth your time and money!

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