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When it comes to watching or hosting videos online most people think of YouTube. That's great if you want to sift through a bunch of spammy videos to find what you're looking for or if you want to spend hours of your life trying to upload your videos because you can't understand all of the settings. Fortunately is the perfect solution for for your problems. If you haven't heard of Vimeo yet then you're missing out. Read on to see why YouTube is out and Vimeo is in.

One thing we hate about YouTube is all of the time we have to spend searching through the endless videos uploaded by people who are trying to sell us something. With Vimeo we don't have that problem. Vimeo is like the adult party where everyone knows how to have fun while YouTube is full of underage drinkers who are throwing up everywhere. The Vimeo community is full of fun (non-spammy) videos that you'll actually enjoy watching. Spend a few minutes browsing their Staff Picks and you'll see what we mean.

If you own video content that you want to share with the world then you'll really notice how Vimeo is different. We absolutely loved the entire process of uploading and managing our videos with Vimeo. Unlike other video hosting services we've used everything was easy to understand especially when it came to the privacy settings. We wanted to host a video with Vimeo which could only be seen if you visited a page on our website and the process was quick and simple. With YouTube after quite a bit of time spent searching we found that the specific privacy criteria we needed was impossible to do.

If you have a website and you have a video that you want to use to promote your products or services than their Vimeo Pro plan is what you need. It's a great way to embed a video on your site, remove all Vimeo branding (so your visitors think you're hosting it) and you never have to worry about the video playing slow or taking forever to load. This can be especially crucial if you want to convert your visitors into customers. The Vimeo Pro plan is $199 per year which is a great deal when you consider all of the additional benefits you get such as priority uploads and full high definition videos.

If you're not using Vimeo videos for commercial purposes then you may be interested in their Vimeo Plus plan which is great for someone who just wants a few extra features that you don't get with their Basic Account. For example the Vimeo Plus plan extra storage, no ads, and unlimited HD uploads. This is great for someone who just wants  a convenient way to stort and view personal videos so your family or friends can view them. The Vimeo Plus plan is $9.95 per month but we recommend paying for the entire year up front for $59.95. This is a 50% savings!

Finally if you're an artist, direct, or producer then you'll love their Vimeo On Demand feature. It's an easy way to distribute your video content direct to your fans without any high overhead costs or distribution deals. It's as easy as signing up for a Vimeo Pro plan and uploading your content then setting a price, viewing period, and audience. Vimeo handles everything else including collecting payment and all distribution costs. How's that for easy? Thanks to Vimeo it's never been more effortless for a video content creator to get their work to their fans. For their part Vimeo keeps just 10% of the revenue that your content generates and you get the other 90% so all you have to do is sit back and collect the checks!

So if you're looking for a beautiful, high quality, and most importantly easy to use video hosting service then we highly recommend Vimeo. Give them a try and leave your Vimeo reviews below so our readers can learn about your experience. Here's a little video about  their Vimeo On Demand service which shows how easy it really is to use.

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