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If you own an ecommerce site and you don't offer chat support for your customers you're missing the boat big time. By having a chat options for your current and potential customers you're essentially closing the gap between ecommerce and brick and mortar retail allowing your customers to get the best of both worlds. So if you're in the market for a chat service for your website than we recommend you go with our personal favorite, SnapEngage. Since you may not know where to begin when shopping around for a live chat service read on to find out why we think SnapEngage is best.

When we were shopping around for a chat support service for our ecommerce site we decided to give SnapEngage a try because they offered a plan that was free for life at the time. Unfortunately they don't offer that plan anymore but at the time is was the right price for our needs. Now we're paying customers and we haven't looked back. SnapEngage makes it easy for us to give amazing service online. Since they have too many cool features to cover in one review we'll just cover our favorite features.

SnapEngage is easy to use. To install SnapEngage on your website just place one line of code and configure some settings (such as how you want the chat icon to appear or to enable proactive chat, etc.) from within your account. Once you have it installed you have a couple of options to begin chatting with your customers. You can choose to integrate SnapEngage with the chat clients you already use like Skype or Google talk or you can use their web client to login and start chatting with your customers. Their web client allows you to login from any computer regardless of whether you have Skype or Google talk installed or not. It also gives you more information about the customer such as the weather where they're located along with links to their social profiles. This allows you to give them a more personalized experience so you can give them the best service possible.

One of our favorite features of SnapEngage though is their proactive chat feature. This allows you to automatically start a chat with a visitor to your site by engaging them without having to wait for them to initiate a chat with you. When we implemented the proactive chat feature we instantly say an increase in our sales. We're assuming that it's because more people got their questions answered and found what they were looking for with our help instead of in the past where they may have left without having gotten their questions answered.

Another cool feature that we've found to be very useful is Co-browsing. With Co-browsing you have the ability to send a the person you're chatting with to a specific page in your website. So rather than trying to explain to them exactly where to go or copying and pasting a link into your chat you can ask them if they want you to direct them to that page. It's super convenient for your visitors and it's looks cool too.

There's a ton of other features that we recommend like the ability to create multiple widgets for different departments within your company, Google Analytics integration, and chat transfers (to other agents) to name a few. So if you're looking for a good live chat service for your ecommerce site, blog, or Software as a Service we highly recommend SnapEngage. Their plans start at $49/month and gives you the ability to have up to 4 agent accounts. All of their plans come with a 15 day free trial so give them a try and see how awesome their service is! Once you've signed up leave your SnapEngage reviews below and let us know what you think of their service.

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