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Are you an electronics junkie? We sure are here at and it has become an expensive habit. That's why we were so excited when we found Their website sells overstocked and lightly used electronics from other department stores. This means big savings for you! They carry everything from phones and iPods to  TV's and computers…basically everything for those who love the newest gadgets.

So why should you buy your electronics from and not some other electronics store? Great question. Secondipity not only has great prices on electronics but their policies are some of the best we've seen as well. Do you like free shipping? Secondipity has free shipping within the continental U.S. on all orders over $35…so it would be pretty hard to find something that doesn't qualify for free shipping. Don't want to pay sales tax? Ship your order to any state besides the ones below and your order is tax free:

  • Nevada 
  • California 
  • New Jersey 
  • Texas 
  • Indiana 
  • District of Colombia

If you're the type of person that can't pass up a great deal then check out their Deal of the Day for an even bigger discount. Every day they have one new product that they discount even more than their already great discounts. We've seen great prices on computers and T.V.'s for their Deal of the Day and every time we go back we find something new and even less expensive than the day before. Also don't forget to sign up for their newsletter so you can have the deal of the day sent right to your email inbox so you don't miss out on any great offers!

If you've never bought factory renewed or slightly used electronics before then you're missing out on a great way to save money on the coolest gadgets. If you're worried about getting your order in the mail and it doesn't meet your expectations then send it back! Secondipity will take all returns within 2 weeks of your purchase date if you're not happy with your order. If your product stops working you can return it within 30 days but if you're looking for a longer warranty be sure to check with the manufacturer about what their warranty terms are.

The thing we love most about (besides their prices) is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to teach school children to love the earth. We couldn't have thought of a better way to give back. Teach children to care for the environment and it will pay dividends for years to come. Check out their website to see where and how much they have donated so far. It's great to see a company that cares about their community and the earth and those are exactly the type of businesses we like to give our money to.

So if you're in the market for a new home theater system or some games for the kids be sure to check out and we're sure you'll love them too. Just don't blame us if you get addicted to their Deal of the Day. As always be sure to leave your Secondipity reviews below so our readers can learn how your experience was.

3 customer reviews

  • One of the worst customer service I ever had from purchasing online. I bought brand new “ASUS 11.6″ Zenbook Laptop 4GB 128GB | UX21E-XH71” and I get a call couple days later that they listed and sold something they did not actually have. They refunded the money. A few days later, they list exact same item so I ask them why they are telling me they are out of stock but they are listing more to sell. They told me to pay for the item so they can ship me the item so I do. 4 days later I call them because item has not shipped and they tell me they are removing old user information from old user so they can ship the item. Dumb agent does not realize that I bought “Brand New Sealed” notebook. She says they actually don’t have any new ones…just have used ones that were listed as new by mistake. I wasted over 12 days trying to buy an item that they never had…Never buy from them if you don’t want to waste your time.

  • Do not purchase items from them if you actually want to be treated like a valued customer. I purchase a acer tablet from them back in early october 2013. The tablet died in less than two weeks. It is now almost December and I have yet to even receive a response from them about the “researching of my order” that they require before they will even initiate a repair request. Everything is done by email and they rarely respond in a timely fashion. Even when you call their customer support line, you are told they will email you a request for information that you already gave them over the phone and then they simply tell you via that initial email that they will get back to you and so far, for me I think i’ll probably hear from them when the warranty expires. Given the lack of good customer service I would never recommend Secondipity to any one. They simply do not treat paying customers right.


    Purchased Tablet paid shipping cost to UK. When delivered had to pay £28 delivery charge to UPS. – NOT HAPPY. Seconditpity do not make this clear because if they did obviously it would effect sale to UK. I would not of purchased the item. BEWARE !!.

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