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Smile Squared Reviews
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There's two things we love here at ReviewTiger, sustainable products and websites that give back to the community. That's why we're excited to do a review of Smile Squared today. Smile Squared makes toothbrushes that are made out of bamboo so they much more environmentally friendly than a traditional toothbrush. What makes Smile Squared really cool is for every toothbrush you buy from them they will donate a toothbrush to a child in need.

As big environmentalists one thing that always bothered us about plastic toothbrushes was the fact that you go throw dozens or even hundreds of them in your lifetime. They're plastic so they never biodegrade and they pile up in a landfill somewhere or even worse they end up in the ocean for a turtle to swallow. We've always considered buying one of those electric toothbrushes where you just switch out the head but those are still made of plastic albeit less plastic than a traditional toothbrush. 

For the reasons above we started searching around for a toothbrush that was biodegradable and because bamboo grows so quickly it is one of the most sustainable materials to make products out of. Looking around and reading reviews online we were having the hardest time finding a bamboo toothbrush that people liked. We found one in Australia which had good reviews but the cost to ship to the U.S. made it not worth it. Fortunately we stumbled upon Smile Squared. We were excited because the cost was very competitive with a plastic toothbrush and in addition we could feel good about supporting a website that contributes to children in need by giving them a toothbrush to promote dental hygiene.

The first thing we noticed when we received our toothbrush in the mail was the packaging. The box was a nice recyclable cardboard as opposed to the plastic containers that you normally get with a toothbrush. If recycling cardboard isn't convenient for you at the very least you can feel good knowing that it's biodegradable. The second thing that we loved about our new Smile Squared toothbrush was how good it feels in your hand. Bamboo just feels so much better than plastic and not to mention it looks way cooler!

Their toothbrushes are not only great to use but they've been popular. As we've mentioned with every toothbrush you purchase they will donate to a child in need. Well to date Smile Squared has donated over 27,000 toothbrushes to children and by they end of 2013 they will have distributed toothbrushes in all 50 U.S. states and 19 countries throughout the world. How's that for making a difference in children's lives?

So if you loving making a difference in the world then we highly recommend heading over to Smile Squared's website and purchasing your next toothbrush from them. They're friendly and shipping was fast and easy. When you receive your new toothbrush in the mail please leave your Smile Squared reviews about your shopping experience in the comments below so more people can learn about your experience.

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