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Every so often we come across a website that really knocks our socks off. FetchEyewear.com is definitely one of them. It's refreshing to see a website do something different for a change, whether it's providing great service for their customers or making a difference in the world we believe this is the new expectation and fortunately Fetch Eyewear lives up to that expectation. We have so many great things to say about this company we might as well get right to it. Read on to see why you're missing out if you don't buy your next pair of eyewear from FetchEyewear.com.

Fetch Eyewear is a hot new company based out of Portland, Oregon that does things differently to say the least. The thing we noticed right off the bat when we visited their site was that they are a non-profit. That's right, Fetch Eyewear donates 100% of their profits to a cause we can really get behind. All profits go to the Pixie Project which supports animal rescue and adoption. They also provide free spay and neuter services to pets of homeless individuals. It's nice to see companies giving back to their communities now days but Fetch Eyewear takes it to a whole new level by donating 100% of their profits a great cause and for that we support them whole heartedly.

In addition to making a difference in animal's lives they also make a difference in shopper's lives with customer service policies that are unmatched. First of all they offer free shipping and returns which is still very rare now days and something we usually only see from much bigger companies. Even more they they even offer free shipping and returns for Alaska & Hawaii (yay!) which is almost unheard of.

If you've ever bought clothing or apparel online you know it can be frustrating to receive your order and find out it just doesn't fit right or look the way you imagined. If a company doesn't offer free return shipping you could end up losing money without even getting what you wanted. This is one of the main reasons why we prefer to do all of our clothing and apparel shopping in person but with Fetch Eyewear you no longer have to worry about this ever being an issue. 

With Fetch's Try at Home program you can try on and choose between 6 frames all from the convenience of your own home. All you have to do is choose 6 frames, enter your billing and shipping information, and then you have 7 days to try out the glasses to see which you like best. Once the 7 days are up just send them back and if you liked a pair order them from the website. You have nothing to lose because shipping is free both ways and your card won't even be charged for the service!

Whew! I feel like we've already covered so many great features that there's nothing else good we can say about this company. Well believe it or not there's more. Just when you thought this company couldn't get any better they hit you with their lifetime frame warranty. That's right, we said it…lifetime. Their website claims that they will repair or replace any of their frames no matter the cause. It could have been stepped on, driven over, or chewed up. Just send it back to them and they'll take care of you. The only cost on your end would be a measly $8.50 to cover the return shipping fees. Man we are loving Fetch Eyewear more and more every second. 

We just mentioned practically a zillion reasons why you should buy your next pair of glasses from Fetch Eyewear and we didn't even get a chance to mention how stylish they are. We have a feeling you can figure that out easy enough though. Head on over to FetchEyewear.com and you can thank us later for recommending such an awesome website. In fact you can thank us by leaving your Fetch Eyewear reviews below so all of our readers can learn about how great your shopping experience was!

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