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Do you wear scrubs for work? Maybe you just like to use them as pajamas? Whatever the case you have to check out before you buy any more scrubs. If you're tired of the plain old blue scrubs and you want to stand out a bit Scrubs123 is the perfect website for your needs. They have the largest selection of scrubs that we've seen anywhere and their service is fast and friendly too. Here's just a few reasons why you should shop at the next time you buy scrubs.

Price – Who doesn't love to save money? We'll start off with the price because that's what's important to most folks. Scrubs123 has great prices on scrubs…most of their scrubs are about $10 for a top and $12 for pants. Not affordable enough for you? Check out their sale section and find tops and bottoms for under $5!

Shipping – We love it when websites have simple shipping policies and is one of the best in that department. They offer free shipping on all orders over $75 and everyone else gets flat rate shipping for $6.95. We've always been suckers for free shipping but even if we don't spend $75 or more at least we know we can get our order shipped at a reasonable price. On top of that it's shipped via FedEx so you know it will get to you quickly. Let's not forget returns either. Scrubs123 has a generous return policy which allows you to return your purchase within 30 days of your order which is convenient for those of us that are too busy to get around to returning our purchases.

Selection – This is what originally attracted us to Scrubs123. Their selection is awesome! Not only do they come in a bunch of colors and sizes but they also have scrubs by practice as well. You can choose from veterinary scrubs, dental scrubs, etc. and they even have lab coats too.

Another cool thing is they offer embroidery on all of their garments. Choose from the cool logos that they have on their website to liven things up a bit. If you're a dentist you can get a smiling tooth logo. If you're a veterinarian get a paw print logo. They also have logos for the various holidays so you can add a little holiday spirit to your uniform. It's only $3.50 more per garment to add a logo and it's a nice little touch to help you stand out from everyone else who's wearing scrubs around you. If you just want to add your name it's only $2.50 for one line of text.

If you're a nurse you may enjoy subscribing to their blog or following them on twitter. They have some really cool blog posts that nurses may find interesting and their twitter account is fun too because they highlight important nurses throughout history among other things.

So next time you're in the market for some new scrubs be sure to head on over to and save! Give them a try and leave your Scrubs123 reviews below so we can learn about your experience..

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